Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Make the logo bigger!

LOL. This is funny. "Make the Logo Bigger"check it out. As designers we must educate potential employers on art direction. The need to hire a designer is for their creative design skills to do the job you do not have the ability or time for. A designer will bring attention to the issues at hand. Whatever the issues may be, the client should be aware of this. Let the designer get you, the client, the attention you want. Designers are problem solvers and not only artists. A designer will bring attention to the issues at hand; they look for the details that others might overlook. This will let you focus on what you do best freeing up time for what they do best. Designers still need direction to get you the results you need. A skilled graphic artist will ask the right questions. They will detail and outline what the client is looking for to produce a rewarding outcome. Thus a designer is a specialist in communication.

After all, a final design in essence is a signpost for a company or institution. The logo represents a reason for the marketing and a reference for the end target. The designer addresses the issues and conveys them in a graphical format.

If you do not have faith in your designer then perhaps it is time for a change. This is, as intended more for designers, and funny. I laughed, enjoy.

Comments welcome.

Monday, February 17, 2014

OCCS Killer Robot Challenge

This is an event that Purple Alien Fashion is sponsoring to rase money for The Mississauga Food Bank. The shirts and posters are to create awareness for Purple Alien Fashion and a portion of the money from sales of the shirts on event day will go to The food Bank. I like the designs and had a lot of fun working on the robots and info pin ups. OCCS is an Archery club in Mississauga Ontario Canada and these pin ups were placed on the message board at the club to inform members. Looking forward to the event. It should be a lot of fun.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Head of Heads Autodesk123D Featured.

I am on Autodesk's feature page. You can get many Autodesk123D apps now. I used different ones on iOS and I would think other operating systems would have them. Many even have a web interface for use on your desktop computer. Autodesk is innovating with lots of cool 3D apps. I have played with 123D Creature and 123D Sculpt on my iPad and they are a lot of fun. Simple tools. If you put the time and effort in you can create some cool models.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Google Medical Contact

I heard about this a few years ago. Now I hope this means that it is closer to actually coming out. I love it, would use it and thanks to Google for innovating. It will be a hard fight to convince some of the pharmaceutical companies because it will take away the money they get from the current blood testing system. Link for the full article on googles blog.

I love medical advancement in tech. It just seems to move so slow even though it is moving much faster than in the past. Some other medical testing I heard about is a tattoo that can be read by a scanning device that will give medical readings back to a device or smart phone. I am not really a tattoo person but I do love some of the tattoo art that is out there. This would make me really think about a design if I needed it for medical benefits. As cool as this is, another advancement was that the tattoo would be clear or invisible. Either way very cool tech. Any medical tech that you know of on the horizon? Fill us in on any advancements you have an interest in. Add your thoughts to the comments. Look forward to hearing all about them.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Flat vs Realism

This is so aaaaawesome. flat vs realism. The people at InTacto Digital Agency really did an excellent job. The entire site is fun and informative. It was a little glitchy in Safari but did fine in Chrome browser. 3/4 of the way through when you think it is over, it is not, there is still a little bit more. Enjoy. It really is cool.

Makes me contemplate my own site and wonder what others are thinking about flat vs realism. I think I want to make my site in both styles now, trying it out and keeping the debate going. My current site billmurphy.ca is a mix really, but the main navigation is realism. You can see the samples I did with the original navigation buttons on the top and then some ideas on how I could convert them to a flat design underneath. This was a lot of fun.

Show us your examples of flat and realism designs that you like or have done. Look forward to your ideas and comments on this topic. You do not have to necessarily be a designer to comment, all opinions are welcome especially on this issue. Again great job InTacto Digital Agency.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Adobe Ideas on iPad

Napoleon Character Adobe Ideas and Illustrator comparisonI really am enjoying Adobe Ideas on my iPad 4. I first started to use it years ago, close to when it was released. Back then I had an iPad 2. I hated it. I thought, what a limited program. So many things it did not have. I wanted full Adobe Illustrator on my iPad. I stopped using it for over six months. I went to visit some in-laws and had some time to give it a second try. I wanted to draw and it was what I had on my iPad at the time. Surprising, I picked up the tools quite quickly. I think it was because I was giving it a proper chance and not expecting the world from it. I now love it. I think it is an amazing tool. The portability of the iPad makes it even better.

The limitations are not even an issue. I might even call them features. One example is the limited number of layers. This makes me commit to a drawing and merge layers as needed to continue to a finished design much faster. It almost forces me to be creative and keep my loose style moving and not fiddling until it is just perfect.